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High-Resolution Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Articular Cartilage: Zonal Anisotropy and Changes Under Loading

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Presented on December 1, 2003
Presented as part of C22: Musculoskeletal (Cartilage Imaging)


Christian Glaser MD, PRESENTER: Nothing to Disclose

Abstract: HTML Purpose: To assess applicability of diffusion tensor MR Imaging (DTI) on articular cartilage. To analyse its zonal anisotropy. To depict changes due to indentation. Methods and Materials: Cylindrical cartilage on bone samples were measured in a Microimaging System (Bruker, 400 MHz) at a resolution of 39x87x1500 microm3 using a diffusion weighted sequence (b = 1000s/mm2, TR/TE = 2000/11ms, D = 3.7ms, d = 2.1ms) with 12 different diffusion gradient directions. An AVS-based algorithm was implemented to pixelwise calculate the diffusion tensor. Mean diffusivity, fractional anisotropy, eigenvectors and eigenvalues were extracted. Results: Mean diffusivity, fractional anisotropy and eigenvector orientation exhibited a two-layer pattern. Diffusivity values were 0.0014 mm2/s in the upper 30% and 0.0004 mm2/s in the lower 70% of cartilage. Fractional anisotropy varied between 0 and 0.2. Conclusion: Our results demonstrate the applicability of DTI experiments on articular cartilage and its capacitiy to analyse directional structural properties of cartilage. The observed pattern is in agreement with current literature about the collagenous fibre architecture of articular cartilage. The technique holds high potential to analyse the zonal arrangement of cartilage and to monitor structural changes due to loading. This might be of specific interest in view of OA where disruption of the cartilages collagenous fibre network is regarded as hallmark of irreversible degeneration     (T.O., M.W. are employees of BrukerBioSpin.) Questions about this event email:

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Glaser MD, C, High-Resolution Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Articular Cartilage: Zonal Anisotropy and Changes Under Loading.  Radiological Society of North America 2003 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, November 30 - December 5, 2003 ,Chicago IL.